Saturday, January 16, 2010


Last year, I got the best toy ever, Lambie. Lambie looks like a dreadlocked soccer ball.

And boy, we loved Lambie to death. Literally. Mom had to sew him back together so many times, the fabric simply disintegrated. Oh Joy! I got a new Lambie for Christmas this year, as well as a nifty shopping bag for those bad hair days.

We also got squeaky donuts, which we love to walk around squeaking just to drive mom nuts, especially when she's on conference calls.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Out

I have to say, Heidi is one weird chick. We're hanging out tonight and she's playing with TreatBall. Very intently. The next thing we know, she's disappeared. Now, the den is pretty small--there's the new bookcases on one wall, the couch and the ottoman on the other. How can one little dog simply disappear? Mom found her, curled up in the 2 foot space between the wall and the ottoman, curled up so you couldn't see her. It's like she put herself in time out (although we don't have that in our house). Mom and I are still wondering what it was she thought she did wrong. Even after we found her, she decided to continue her self-imposed time out. I'll never figure her out.