Monday, November 30, 2009

Note to Self: Cannot leap (off of) tall buildings anymore

We went to the doctor today for my final checkup from my Superdog incident. I guess I can't just jump off the deck any time I want to go chase after intruding neighbor dogs. I dislocated my hip last time I tried that and I'm finally cleared for normal activities. Which in my case, is sleeping on the couch, sleeping on my favorite chair, sleeping on my back with a random tail wag.

Mom was very bummed when she heard that our favorite doctor was leaving. Since I've never been sick, our choice of vet has not been that important. But with the whole cancer thing and the hip popping thing, Mom really liked this doctor. We haven't had a whole lotta luck finding someone around here that we trust and like. Guess I can't get sick anymore! Heidi can jump from the top step, but I'll use all 5.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I did it! I did it!

I caught me a chipmunk. Very proud of myself. While Heidi runs around the yard barking at everything, somehow I caught that darn chipmunk. Mom was working in the yard and saw me with it. I let her take it, I was very gentle not to destroy it. Mom always said we'd make terrible hunting dogs. If Heidi or I ever caught a duck, she says there'd be nothing left but some stray feathers after we got done playing tug toy with it. But this time, it was me, Zoe, who got the critter. Not that Heidi. She's cute and all, just not very bright........oh, wait.......that's what mom used to say about me.....